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Medical Video Routing System

Medical Video Routing System

MEDIMATRIX is an video routing system designed specifically for operating rooms. It can integrate multiple medical devices' surgical image signals into the system, providing high-quality and low-latency surgical images that allow surgeons to grasp surgical details and improve surgical efficiency. The system can also quickly route any video according to different situational needs, allowing for one-click deployment of the surgical image environment.

Medical Video Routing System

Quickly rout videos from all medical devices

Integrate videos from multiple medical devices and quickly deploy any videos on a monitor based on the specific beeds of the procedure.

Scenario setting

Based on the physician's preferences and habits, the system can be pre-set to activate the scenario with one click when the physician enters the operating room, quickly setting up the surgical imaging environment.

Flexible Design for Easy Expansion

Highly expandable system design. The system can be expanded for additional medical devices in the operating room without having to replace the entire system.

No Delay, High Quality, Seamless Switching

The video routing has zero delay and zero distortion, providing physicians with the most realistic image display.





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