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Our educational platform provides a complete solution for medical education needs. It easily collects comprehensive surgical content without any omissions, and simplifies the process of creating educational materials from surgical procedures on one platform. Accumulating important database for medical education. With just one click, our platform can enable Live surgery across nations and regions, transmitting the surgery to every corner of the world at any time, allowing these surgical techniques to be passed on to every physician.

Record and produce educational content seamlessly.

Through integrated records and key-point marks during the surgical process, important content can be quickly found by using smart search. Online editing features can be used to quickly produce educational medical videos for academic presentations and training purposes.

Establishing a medical education database and surgical heritage.

High-end medical techniques is no longer owned by few doctors. With complete surgical records and key-point marks, along with an easy-to-use management system, medical videos and images are no longer just a collection of files, but an important database for medical education. Sharing these surgical techniques to every physicians.

Cross-national and cross-regional live surgery.

With just one click, Live surgery can be activated without the need for extensive consultations with broadcasting companies or the purchase of audio-video equipments. Anywhere, anytime, these exquisite surgical techniques, can be transmitted to every corner of the world via the internet.

Multi-angle of surgery video for different roles.

With multi-angle surgery video, students can have a more comprehensive view of the teaching content, and different roles can also view the perspective they need, thereby enhancing the teaching effectiveness. No longer to squeeze into a operating room to watch, everybody can learn simultaneously from different angles in the most convenient way.





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