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Medical Video Management Platform

Medical Video Management Platform

MEDISTATION is an operating room management platform that integrates case images and information from all operating rooms. Medical staffs can use their phones, tablets, or computers to search for medical video cases on the platform anytime, anywhere. The surgery content is compatible with PACS, DICOM integration, making it easy to create reports or for teaching purposes. The operating room status is displayed in real-time, allowing nurses, anesthesiologists, and doctors to keep track of the surgery process and physiological information. Information from all operating rooms is also collected in a data dashboard, allowing managers to find insights from complete information to make operation decision.

Medical Video Management Platform

Effective management of multiple operating rooms

Doctors can use different devices anytime and anywhere to view and edit cases from different operating rooms, as well as download them. Offering user management feature to give different roles different permission to access contents.

Smart playback and remote case viewing

Cases can be played back in real-time during surgery to assist doctors in handling emergency events. Remote case viewing is also available to keep track of the case progress.

Exclusive cloud-based video editing function

Exclusive cloud-based editing feature allows doctors to edit videos without complex video editing software. With intuitive operation after logging in, video editing can be done easily, making it more efficient for doctors to prepare for teaching, presentations, and other tasks.

Precisely grasp the case volume and surgical time trends of each operating room

Analyzing the performance of operating rooms based on accumulated digital assets, comparing and analyzing data trends such as case volume and surgery time. It can also provide individual surgical data analysis for doctors to improve their skills and shorten the learning curve.

Real-time monitoring of surgery process

Being able to monitor the status of surgery at any time can reduce wasting time between surgeries. It is convenient for doctors and nurses to make proper arrangements before the next surgery.





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