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The telemedicine platform provides the best remote solution for medical fields, allowing doctors to break through spatial and domain limitations and conduct online collaboration and discussion anytime, anywhere. Real-time medical images allow healthcare professionals to view real-time images in the operating room at all times, whether it is physiological parameters or surgical status, which can be viewed in any field and time. The platform complies with HIPAA and EU GDPR privacy and security requirements, fully protecting patient privacy and ensuring security.

Cross-Spatial Remote Surgical Collaboration

Overcoming the limitations of space and location, remote surgical video can be launched with a single click, allowing doctors to connect inside and outside the operating room anytime, anywhere through different devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc., for online discussion and collaboration. Multi-angle real-time surgical images and image drawing functions enhance communication and collaboration efficiency.

Comprehensive and Real-time Video patient condition Explanations

In the past, it was necessary to explain the patient's condition to their families through different X-rays and complex image information, which took time and easily led to misunderstandings. With the solution of video patient condition explanations, the real-time image can be clearly presented to the families, becoming the best assistance for doctors to explain the condition and share medical information between doctors and patients.

Remote Surgery Viewing

Doctors, nurses, anesthetists, and other medical staff can use different devices such as phones, computers, iPads, etc. to view the process and status of surgery beyond the limitations of physical space. They can always stay up-to-date with the status of the surgery, reducing wasted time between surgeries. This makes planning for the subsequent surgery easier for doctors and nurses.

Medical-grade security design

With multiple levels of security measures, our solution meets the privacy and security requirements of HIPAA in the US and GDPR in the EU, providing medical-grade information security and protecting patients' personal privacy.





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