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Twin Beans provides the most comprehensive medical imaging solutions, with a mission to deliver exceptional medical expertise to every corner of the world.

Founded in 2016 by Chen ToWei and Ma Neil, Twin Beans was inspired by the common pain point among healthcare professionals who had to manually gather and combine medical images from different devices for surgical procedures, case studies, and research, which was a time-consuming process.

With over 15 years of experience in medical imaging, Chen ToWei and Ma Neil pledged to help doctors solve this problem by providing a seamless integration of medical images, making it convenient for physicians to conduct case studies, academic research, remote surgical teaching, and preserve medical expertise. They also aimed to use data to create an intelligent operating room, improve operational efficiency, and produce an effective hospital performance management platform.

In Taiwan, more than 70% of medical centers have adopted Twin Beans' imaging solutions. Since 2022, the global community has recognized the importance and necessity of remote surgical guidance, which has led to increasing demand for Twin Beans' Live Surgery solution. This has successfully spread Taiwan's excellent medical expertise to every corner of the world.

The Twin Beans team aspires to utilize their nearly 20 years of technical expertise, combined with the experience and judgment of doctors and nurses, to provide safer and more appropriate treatment for patients, showcasing Taiwan's strong medical innovation to the world.


Mission and Vision


Share medical expertise to every corner of the world.


Solve all the issues related to physicians' images.


2020 / 5

Twin Beans' overall operating room solution, including recording, management, remote, and routing.


Successfully promoted to 18 educational hospitals in Taiwan.

2021 / 7

More than 70% of medical centers in Taiwan,
Use Twin Beans' overall operating room solution.

2016 / 11

Twin Beans was established
Started to promote medical image integration and recording services.

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