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Medical video and information integration platform, which integrates all medical equipment in the operating room. Providing physicians the most complete medical records. The integrated medical database can be accessed anytime, anywhere, helping physicians to produce medical reports more quickly.

Integration of Diverse Medical Video and Information

There are various types of imaging and information in clinical settings. This solution allows quick and seamless integration of all medical imaging equipment in the operating room, achieving comprehensive recording, routing, and management of the entire surgical process.

Integrated medical information storage

Integrated storage of medical videos and information allows doctors to quickly and easily search for cases at any time and from anywhere, facilitating consultation, preoperative assessment, and postoperative condition analysis. It also accumulates digital assets for the hospital.

Compliance with different clinical workflows

It supports the DICOM work list and image/video uploads, which can be quickly integrated with hospital systems, integrating the workflows of medical staff. It provides integrated medical images and information from various devices, making it convenient for physicians to review and increasing the efficiency and quality of report generation.

Comprehensive and real-time video medical consultations

In the past, it was necessary to explain the patient's condition to family members through different X-rays and complex image information, which not only took time but also easily caused misunderstandings. Through the solution of video medical consultations, dynamic images can be clearly presented to family members in real-time, becoming the best assistance for physicians to explain the patient's condition and achieve medical information sharing.

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