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Medical Video Recorder

Medical Video Recorder

MEDIRECO is like a "black box" in the operating room, silently recording and storing every important moment of medical surgery images. MEDIRECO can integrate and record all medical devices in the operating room, providing comprehensive recording and management of surgeries. The integrated intelligent case management provides doctors with a faster way to search for cases, multi-angle medical video content and DICOM, PACS integration to help doctors produce reports and explain the condition more quickly and completely. It can also be used as a case materials to help doctors teach or review their own surgical processes.

Medical Video Recorder

Integrating multiple medical equipment device images while simultaneously merging and recording them separately.

MEDIRECO integrates multiple medical equipments to simultaneously record various clinical videos. With abundant medical videos and data, MEDIRECO can easily integrate all image signals from different devices. By integrating the first-person perspective of surgery, the physiological values in the operating room, and the close-up shots of hand movements, etc., doctors can combine teaching with treatment during surgery. This is equivalent to collecting teaching materials in real time during daily work and effectively integrating them.

Real-time marking of key points during surgery.

During the surgery, key moments can be marked using a foot pedal or touch screen, allowing the surgeon to quickly find important moments during playback after the surgery, and add text descriptions or subtitles.

Intuitive operation to simplify the workflow

In addition to diagnosis, doctors also need to conduct research and teaching. How to help doctors improve their work efficiency is the core concept of TwinBeans's product development. Through MEDIRECO's integration and recording, the value of cases is enhanced, and the intuitive operation interface optimizes the workflow.

Support for DICOM and API medical software protocols

MEDIRECO supports DICOM worklist and dynamic and static image uploading, allowing for quick integration with hospital systems and the integration of medical staff workflows. It also supports API to enhance system scalability.

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