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Teleconsultation Platform

Teleconsultation Platform

MEDIMEET is a remote medical surgery streaming platform that provides intelligent remote medical and surgical streaming services with the medical safety level in the smart operating room. Doctors can use their mobile phones, tablets, or computers to communicate and perform live surgeries anytime, anywhere, without space constraints. The platform offers multi-angle real-time images and interactive whiteboard functions that maximize communication and collaboration efficiency, making your operating room a significant player in the era of remote medical.

Teleconsultation Platform

Instantly active live surgery with just one click.

In the past, if a physician need to conduct seminars, live surgery, or surgical demonstrations, they had to consult with broadcasting companies, use SNG vehicles, purchase audio, video equipments. Through MEDIMEET, Live Surgery can be activated with just one click, surpassing the limitations of location and space, and transmitting the exquisite artistry of medical skills to every corner of the world.

Overcoming Space limitations to view surgery "anywhere".

Doctors can watch the surgical process beyond the limitation of the space through different devices such as mobile phones, computers, iPads, etc. Especially during the pandemic when access to operating rooms is restricted, students can surgery online. On the other hand, experienced doctors can provide guidance to young doctors in real-time while heading to the operating room. Let high-end medical skills can be shared to the worldwide.

Real-time video from multiple angles for a complete view of all details

With multiple angles of live surgery video, doctors can switch between different medical equipment videos in any time to get a comprehensive view of all surgical videos, improving teaching and collaboration efficiency.

Not just one-to-one, but also one-to-many.

In addition to the point-to-point bidirectional transmission, MEDIMEET transcends the limitations of time zones and geographical locations. It can transmit the live surgery to multiple locations around the world at once, without delay, allowing doctors from different regions to watch and participate in discussions simultaneously.

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