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Taiwanese medical startup TWIN BEANS is expanding into Japan to assist doctors in sharing surgical

Twin Beans Product: Dynamic Medical Image Recording System MEDIRECO (Medical Image Storage System PACS, Surgical Records, Surgical Video Recording, Telemedicine)
MEDIRECO, a dynamic medical image recording system, is a product of Twin Beans.

Sharing knowledge of surgical imaging system: Taiwan's medical startup TWINBEANS entered the Japanese market in September. The company develops a system for recording and managing surgical images, aiming to create a platform for sharing knowledge and promoting the development of international medical technology by recording techniques used in endoscopic surgery by Japanese physicians. They have been conducting market research in Japan since 2020 and plan to establish sales agent contracts mainly for medical equipment wholesalers in Japan, as they have already done through US, UK, and Hong Kong agents.

TWINBEANS' surgical image recording system, "MEDIRECO" can record multiple medical information, such as images of affected areas and examination images simultaneously during surgery. The image management system "MEDISTATION" delivers images through mobile devices, allowing doctors outside the operating room to assist. The system also supports surgery with the robotic support system "Da Vinci" and remote medical care. Air Water, a major industrial gas company, is developing a surgical imaging system compatible with 8K resolution in Japan. TWINBEANS' system is also scheduled to support a 4K resolution from September.

TWINBEANS' CEO, Chen Dawei, stated that "the recorded images can be utilized for physician education" and "we want to create a platform for sharing excellent medical technologies in Europe, America, and Japan in the future."

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, there were 8,300 hospitals nationwide as of October 2019, and the number has been decreasing over the past ten years. Therefore, it is unlikely that demand will expand due to an increase in the number of facilities in the future. Differentiation through added value, such as support for surgical support robots and high-definition images, seems to be the key to market expansion.



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